KD1V homebrew 400 mW VFO transmitter

Here you see the front panel - just the on-off switch and the tuning knob, on a shaft soldered to the head of the 10-32 brass screw. The rear panel has the "UHF" coax connector and RCA jacks for the +12 volts and the key.

With the top off, you can see the innards, which contain a mixture of various construction techniques. You can't really see the oscillator coil, because it's inside that shield, which is a 1.5 inch ID copper pipe. The coil is wound on a 0.7 inch diameter plexiglass form, which is centered in and rigidly attached to the shield.
FLASH - Just rebuilt the oscillator/buffer/keying circuits on a homemade PC board, so it looks a lot cleaner inside now than this pic shows!(new pics to be posted soon)